The Triple-A Games with the Hottest Soundtracks

Video games have become increasingly popular in recent years. Due to a mixture of bigger companies throwing their hat into the fray, advanced marketing techniques, and media exposure. The hobby of gaming has gone from being a fringe culture to the mainstream. No longer are people mocked for gaming, rather they are celebrated.

And people are also starting to realize that games are a form of art. And today we are going to focus on one aspect of games that is often overlooked. A component of a game that is vital to its overall success and tone. The soundtrack. We are going to be focusing on Triple-A Games that have the best soundtracks we have ever heard.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is a genius when it comes to storytelling in video games. The Metal Gear series is renowned for being a cult classic. Recently Kojima went solo and published his first fully independent game. Death Stranding. Featuring Norman Reedus and a very complicated plot, the game was released to mixed reviews.

But the soundtrack is one area that critics and players alike agreed was outstanding. Kojima worked closely with a few bands, such as Low Roar, to create a soundtrack that is atmospheric and moving. The game paired this soundtrack with beautiful vistas to give the player a fantastical musical immersion at slower points of the game.

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Super Mario Galaxy

This isn’t a newer title, but still one worth talking about. Mario Galaxy was a huge shakeup to the traditional Mario formula. Making use of gravity mechanics, some stunning environments, and creative level design, the game was considered an all-around success.

And the soundtrack for it followed suit in this. Nintendo went all out on this OST, with a full orchestra and band working tirelessly to create an atmospheric and immersive soundtrack. Some of the tracks even won musical awards. That’s how good they are. And the game just recently had a re-release on the Nintendo Switch, so if you have never had the pleasure of playing Mario galaxy, now is the time.

Sins of a Solar Empire

Moving onto the RTS genre, we find a number of games with absolutely fantastic soundtracks. But I want to examine a gem of a game that has one of the most dedicated development teams in the history of gaming. Sins of a Solar Empire. The game is a sci-fi RTS where you build a star-spanning empire.

And the soundtrack is set to match the tone. Stardock Entertainment, the creators of the game, spared no expense in creating a soundtrack that really captures the essence of space and sci-fi. It is ethereal and calming at times, while epic and grandiose at others.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher is a titled beloved by all. The books have spawned everything from games and comics to a successful Netflix tv show. Geralt has become a household name and the Witcher 3 is one of the greatest games ever made.

And the soundtrack is just as good as the game itself. With the sheer scale of the world in Witcher 3, it is no surprise the soundtrack is just as grand. Everything from soothing fantasy melodies, to upbeat tavern music and epic battle ballads as you face off against magical creatures. It is no surprise fans constantly come back to Witcher time and time again.