The Hottest Songs Featured in Rocket League 

Rocket League is a fantastic and popular soccer-based video game. It was released back in July of 2015 on the PlayStation 4 and it has continued to grow in popularity since its release date. After it was released for PlayStation 4 and was such a successful game the following year it was released on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. In 2020 the game became free to play which led to more people than ever downloading and enjoying the game. The game mixes 2 exciting things, soccer, and rocket-powered cars. It consists of up to 8 players on two teams who use these vehicles to try and score into the opposing team’s goal. It’s a very competitive game and has rankings from unranked to supersonic legend, if you want to increase your rank but you’re not ready to put in the grind it’s actually possible to get your rocket league rank boosted. The game is not only fun to play but has some great music featured in it, we’ve found some of the most popular songs that feature in it. 

Mike Ault and Hollywood Principle 

Mike Ault is the sound developer for Psyonix, the company that developed the game. He had a band named ‘Hollywood Principle’ and it was he and his band who developed the original soundtrack for the game. There were originally 11 songs on the soundtrack that they wrote just for the game. Some of the hottest songs include ‘Rocket League Theme’ and ‘Love Thru the Night’. Whilst Mike and the band wrote and performed all of the songs themselves some songs featured other great artists such as ‘Flying Forever’ which featured Morgan Perry. 


After the game did so well on its initial release, Psyonix and Mike decided that the soundtrack needed to be expanded and decided to collaborate with the record label Monstercat. Monstercat seemed like the best choice to collab with as they’ve always been grateful for the large section of their audience that are gamers, in the past, they had allowed for live streamers to use their music whilst gaming for free. Some of the most popular songs on Rocket League were produced by Monstercat and many of their artists contributed to the new soundtrack. Some of the highest-rated songs include ‘Drop it’ by Aero Cord, ‘Internet Boy’ by Dion Timmer, and ‘Walking on the Moon’ by Infected Mushroom.  

‘All I Need’ – Slushii 

Julian Scanlan, better known by his stage name ‘Slushii’ is an American musician from Los Angeles who was one of the many Monstercat artists that were a part of the collaboration. His song ‘All I Need’ was the most popular song from the soundtrack. It was such a great hit that it became the new opening song for Rocket League. It replaced Mike Ault’s original intro song and fans have had a great response to hearing this as the first song every time they open the game.