Music Festival Basics: Everything you Need for a Memorable Trip

There are thousands of festivals that take place worldwide every year. Some of the most popular festivals include Glastonbury in England which has over 135 thousand people, Coachella in America which has over 250 thousand people, and Rock in Rio which has over 700 thousand guests. There are also other types of festivals a new fun festival idea was a skiing festival; you can ski and party on the slopes at the same time. Anyone who has been to a festival knows how chaotic it can be once you arrive, it really is one of those things where you just don’t know what is going to happen. Despite knowing this, many people try to plan for a festival the best they can, and some planning is worthwhilein particular, when it comes to being prepared for the weather. By coming to the festival prepared you can spend as much time as possible drinking and dancing and enjoying the music. If you’re a first-time festival guest or if you’ve been to a festival before and want to be more prepared this time, then we’ve found everything you’ll need to make your festival experience fun and memorable. 

Camping Gear

These are some of the most obvious things that you need but also the most essential. If you’re going to n overnight festival, then the most important thing to bring is a good quality tent. If you’ve not put many tents up then before you attend the festival you should practice putting it up so you don’t have to worry about it when you arrive, by doing this you’ll also be sure that you have all the poles that go with it. You also need to bring a sleeping bag; the tent may provide you with some protection from any cold weather, but you’ll likely still be freezing at night if you don’t bring a sleeping bag too. If the festival you are attending is in a cold location or you want some extra comfort, then you can also bring an extra blanket or even an air mattress.  

Festival Clothing

Whilst you’re going to want to try and pack light for your next festival, you do need to bring enough stuff so that you’re prepared for any weather conditions. The weather can be unpredictable so make sure you have shorts and t-shirts for when it’s sunny but pack some warm clothes too. Even if it’s warm in the daytime, festivals go on all night, so you’ll need to pack a hoodie or a sweater to keep you warm when it starts to get chilly at 2 am. It is also vital that you bring some waterproof clothing like a raincoat as if you get drenched during some bad weather it will ruin your whole festival experience. For shoes you just need to find a pair that are comfortable as you’ll spend most of the time on your feet and make sure you don’t mind if they get ruined, musical festivals are known for being muddy. 


Festivals are not known for being a hygienic environment, the showers and the toilets are used by hundreds of thousands of people so it would be impossible to keep them clean. If you want to stay clean during the festival and still look fresh on day 3 then you’ll need to bring the right toiletries. Hand sanitizer is a must, you do not want to use one of the toilets and find out there’s no soap and have to go to a different set of toilets. This would be a waste of time so by packing hand sanitizer you’re avoiding this problem. Deodorant and dry shampoo are the other 2 most important toiletries, you don’t want to smell bad when you’re stood in crowds all day and you don’t want to look at greasy hair when you look back at your pictures. 

Other Festival Essentials

There are some other essential items you’ll want to take to a festival that doesn’t fit into the other 3 categories. At festivals is it really easy to lose your friends because of the big crowds and if your phone is dead then there’s no chance of you finding one another if you all bring a portable charger however you won’t end up with this problem. If you smoke, then just before a festival could be a good time to turn to vape instead so you do not have to keep leaving the arena to buy cigarettes. A great vape for a festival would be the breeze vape as it is small and durable so won’t get broken whilst you’re there. Other things that will make your experience better are a portable speaker and a selfie stick for when you’re hanging out at your campsite.