Is Hauser Cello Gay?

Is Hauser Cello Gay?

It has been announced that Croatian cellist and one-half of the famous duo 2CELLOS, ukas, has tied the knot. A small ceremony was held on Friday in Slovenia for Luka uli* and Tamara Zagoranski, 29, who got married last week. During a holiday in New Zealand in December last year, the couple got engaged. They have been together since 2015.

Are The 2 Cello Guys Brothers?



Zagreb, Croatia


Cello rock, classical, chamber music, instrumental rock


Sony Masterworks


Luka Šulić Stjepan Hauser Dušan Kranjc

Are The 2 Cello Guys Married?

Luka uli*, 29, and Tamara Zagoranski, 28, wed in a private ceremony in Slovenia on 7 July 2017. They have three children together. They got engaged in New Zealand in December 2016 while on vacation. They have been together since 2015.

Did The Two Cellos Break Up?

Croatia’s world-famous cello duo, the duo of ZAGREB, 31 Janaury 2020 – Croatia’s world-famous cello duo are set to return next year after a break pursuing their individual careers. In an interview with RTL Direkt, Luka Sulic confirmed that the duo will be back together in 2021. We will be returning to the area next year for our tenth anniversary.

Are Bernadette And Hauser A Couple?

The Italian singer has been dating Hauser for over a year now. Throughout the lockdown, the couple continued to share videos of themselves performing together, which led to their prominence in the public eye. Since at least November 2019, Hauser and Benedetta – who he calls Se*orita – have performed together.

Why Did Two Cellos Break Up?

After a busy 8 years together touring the world, *uli* and Stjepan Hauser decided to focus on their own projects two years ago. I was so amazed at that. The result was really too high. The singer travels on all continents, performs 200 times a year, and films.

Are Caretta And Hauser A Couple?

Stjepan Hauser, a Croatian cellist, and Benedetta Caretta, an Italian singer, have been sharing their awesome cover songs on social media. In the performance below, Hauser and his Italian partner, Benedetta Caretta, are wrapped in each other’s arms as she sings.

Is Luka Sulic Married?

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