How Rare Is A Contrabass?

How Rare Is A Contrabass?

The instrument is still in short supply, despite all these years. Currently, Kotato double contrabass flutes are only available in four countries.

How Many Contrabass Saxophones Are There?

According to the balance hooks, this contrabass was one of 25 made by Evette-Schaeffer between 1900 and 1930, and is one of only ten Evette-Schaeffer contrabasses that have ever existed.

How Many Contrabass Clarinets Are There?

The term Contra literally means “pitched below an octave.”. ” The contrabass’s deep and haunting sound is created by its long snake-like design, which creates a very low reverberation that is unlike any other acoustic instrument. Contrabass clarinets are actually two different types of clarinets.

Is Double Bass And Contrabass The Same Thing?

Contrabass, string bass, bass viol, bass fiddle, or bull fiddle, French contrebasse, German Kontrabass, stringed musical instrument with the lowest pitch of the violin family, sounding an octave lower than the cello.

What Is The Difference Between A Double Bass And A Contrabass?

The double bass has more punch and is able to “speak” more clearly in higher volume situations than the single bass. Both cover the same acoustic range, but the double bass has more punch. As well as being a 4 string instrument, it is also a standard in orchestral music.

What Does The Word Contrabass Mean?

Bass that is contrabass. The verb (**k**ntr*be*s) is used in this context. The lower the pitch, the lower the pitch of the instrument.

How Heavy Is A Contrabass Clarinet?

Bass clarinets have a bell that is bent up and more in a forward position, like saxophones, and a barrel that is s-bent. There is a range of 30 to 50 pounds (13 to 15 kilograms). 6kg – 22. The instrument weighs 6 kg and is too heavy to play while holding.

How Old Is The Double Contrabass Flute?

It made its American debut at the Greater Boston Flute Fair on March 6, 1999, playing a compostition by Japanese composer Tohl Awano for Piacere called “Inishie”.

How Much Does The Hyperbass Flute Cost?

List Price

Double Contrabass Flute in C


Contrabass Flute in C

$24,000 $2,600 up $ 850 up $1,040 up $ 800 up

Bass Flute in F

$21,300 $2,600 up $ 850 up $1,040 up

Bass Flute in C

$13,600 $2,990 up $1,020 up $ 900 up $1,020 up $1,040 up

Who Made The Contrabass Saxophone?

Woodwind instrument


Adolphe Sax


28 June 1846

Playing range

In E♭: sounds two octaves and a major sixth lower than written

How Heavy Is The Contrabass Saxophone?

Contrabasses are sometimes played with just a neck strap – they were originally intended to be used in marching bands, among other things – but are more commonly held upright with a stand to hold the weight. Approximately 20 kilograms and 1 meter in height, it weighs around 20 kilograms. The height of the building is 9 metres.

Is There A Bass Saxophone?

Bass saxophones are larger than baritone saxophones, and they are one of the largest members of the saxophone family. Bass saxophones are transposing instruments pitched in B*, an octave below tenor saxophones.

Is Contrabass Clarinet Lower Than Tuba?

Contrabass clarinets provide the true bass to the clarinet choir, and they can easily be used as the bass to an entire woodwind section as well. In addition to being a good complement to the bass clarinet, baritone sax, and bassoon (usually with the contra playing a lower octave), it is often paired with the tuba and string bass at the same time.

What Key Is A Contrabass Clarinet?

contrabass clarinets are pitched in B*, which sounds two octaves lower than the B* soprano clarinet and one octave lower than the B* bass clarinet. Contrabass clarinets have a range from low (written) E* to low D or even low C, depending on the model.

Why Is It Called Contrabass?

Contrabass is an instrument with an Italian name, contrabbasso, which is the name of the instrument. In classical music, string bass, bass viol, and simply bass are also used terms for the instrument. It is often referred to as the acoustic bass by jazz musicians, since it is a more subtle form of bass.

What Does Double Bassist Mean?

The largest and smallest member of the violin family, the double bass is the most important. Fiddles, bull fiddles, contrabasses, string basses, and bass viols are all types of bass instruments. A bass is a member of a family of musical instruments with a lower range.

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