How Heavy Is A Contrabass Saxophone?

How Heavy Is A Contrabass Saxophone?

Contrabasses are sometimes played with just a neck strap – they were originally intended to be used in marching bands, among other things – but are more commonly held upright with a stand to hold the weight. Approximately 20 kilograms and 1 meter in height, it weighs around 20 kilograms. The height of the building is 9 metres.

How Much Do Saxophones Weigh?

Weight. Alto saxophones weigh between 4 and 6 pounds, while tenor saxophones are between 6 and 8 pounds. Metal thickness and the addition of additional keys will affect the weight.

How Big Is A Sub Contrabass Saxophone?

There are two instruments in this instrument. The tallest building in the world is 25 meters (7 feet 5 inches).

How Heavy Is A Saxophone In Its Case?

In addition to the average weight of the alto sax, it weighs approximately 2 lbs. 2 kg). In other words, it is equivalent to a bag of sugar or two liters of soda. Depending on the brand and type, a hardshell case can weigh anywhere between 6 and 9 ounces. This adds up to a total of 14 ounces (4 lbs). 9 kg).

What Is The Heaviest Saxophone?

In 2012, Eppelsheim finally produced a full-size subcontrabass sax, which had been delayed for so long. J’Elle Stainer, a Brazilian, built the one Attilio used in the clip above. At 2. It is the largest saxophone that can be played by one person, measuring 8 meters high.

How Many Contrabass Saxophones Are There?

According to the balance hooks, this contrabass was one of 25 made by Evette-Schaeffer between 1900 and 1930, and is one of only ten Evette-Schaeffer contrabasses that have ever existed.

What Is The Rarest Saxophone?

Contrabass Saxophones are rare and expensive instruments, and they are also very difficult to play. Their sound is extremely warm and full, and they are ideal for big-breathed musicians.

How Much Does A Yamaha Alto Saxophone Weigh?





Instrument Key




Item Weight

14.25 Pounds

What Is The Lightest Saxophone?

In the saxophone family, the sopranissimo saxophone (also known as the piccolo or soprillo saxophone) is the smallest.

How Heavy Is A Berry Saxophone?

It weighs between 11 and 20 pounds or 5 pounds. 0 to 9. The development of harness-style alternatives to neckstraps, which distribute the instrument’s weight across the entire body (depending on the material and structural design, and whether it has an A key), has led to the development of instruments that weigh 1 kilogram or more.

What Is A Really Big Saxophone Called?

Baritone saxophones are the most common of the four main types of saxophones. There is an Eb instrument in it. Jazz and funk music can be played with it thanks to its cool applications.

What Is The Rarest Saxophone In The World?

The soprillo saxophone is also a rare instrument, and it is called the soprilloissimo. Its highest note is an octave above a soprano saxophone, and its corresponding key is positioned in the mouthpiece of the instrument.

Are Saxophone Cases Waterproof?

Despite its excellent protection, the jacket is now equipped with a slightly more rounded design and a brushed aluminium finish on the large external pocket, which is still water-resistant. This backpack is very comfortable to carry with its sturdy straps, neoprene padding at the rear, and comfortable padding at the back.

Is It Bad To Leave A Saxophone Out Of Its Case?

If you do not have a case, I recommend removing the mouthpiece from the neck. In addition to allowing the compressed cork cells to expand a bit, it also keeps the fit snug for a longer period of time.

How Much Does A Standard Saxophone Weigh?

Saxophone Type

Weight (kg)

Weight (lb oz)


2.98 kg

6 lb 4 oz

C Melody

2.21 kg

4 lb 5 oz


2.19 kg

4 lb 5 oz


1.01 kg

2 lb 2 oz

How Heavy Is A Saxophone?

Type Of Saxophone**

No Case – Weight in Pounds (kg)

Alto Saxophone

4 lb 5 oz (2.2 kg)

Tenor Saxophone

6 lb 4 oz (3 kg)

Baritone Saxophone (Bari Sax)

11 lb 1 oz (5 kg)

Bass Saxophone

24 lb (10.8 kg)

What Is A Large Saxophone Called?

In addition to being a member of the saxophone family, the baritone saxophone is larger (and lower-pitched) than the tenor saxophone, but smaller (and higher-pitched) than the bass saxophone. In general, the bass, contrabass, and subcontrabass saxophones are not commonly used.

Why Was The Saxophone Banned?

As the Nazis took power in Germany in 1933, the saxophone became a symbol of jazz music and a symbol of African-American culture inextricably woven together. As a result of the Nazis’ “Entartete Kunst”, or “degenerate art”, many forms of art were banned.

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