How Can Mistakes In Music Help A Person To Present A Masterpiece In Future? 

As you know, music plays a vital role in people’s lives, no matter whether you are a musician or not, everyone loves to hear music to get inner peace. Different people have different choices of music and what they want is to have full out of it you can select some classical music, or hip hop or rap, but the thing is that you will have a full proof time full of pleasure and calmness when you hear it.

Recently it was seen Cassian released his new album laps and what was making it more and more interesting is that the album became a big hit in the market. As soon as the album was made available to the general public, they made it viral in no time, and that was when people got crazy to listen about how it was made and what were the details behind this fantastic music album. 

Cassian and his secrets 

 Usually, we see that people who get famous get a little bit arrogant and do not share the secrets behind their music. It is not like this behavior is seen in the music industry; only you can also observe this type of behavior in all other respective fields. But the thing that concerns the people most is that mostly we see this type of behavior with the people of the entertainment industry only like musicians, actors and sometimes directors too. 

However, the best part about Cassian is that apart from being one of the most successful people worldwide, he is still down to earth and does not feel any type of tension while declaring his mistakes and revealing his secret to the real world. Learning through your mistakes is the best thing for a human, and when you want to know how people do this in their real-life, you should listen to the masterpiece created by Cassian. 

Tips to the music 

Don’t you get curious to know that, what are the things that are making such great music that can make you relaxed and calm? Well, you can quickly get to know about them as Cassian has shared the secrets that helped him to make Laps one of the most famous music albums across the world. Have a look over the things that he pointed out in his interview:- 

Tools that make this masterpiece 

The first thing that can bring a change in your music is the tool you use to create the music. Many people play classical music with the help of harmonium and tabla. However, you can even bring some change in the music when you create a fusion of classical and hip hop. When laps were under creation, he uses Prophet 7, and also he made use of Minimoog Model D. 

He also makes it clear that he was feeling a direct connection with music, and he made a goal to create music through one poly and one mono synth, so when you hear the music in the album clearly, you will be able to make a clarification that these two synths are dominating the whole album. 

 The mistake that he committed! 

In his interview, he also revealed the biggest mistake that he was committing while creating the music; generally, people never share their mistakes. And even when someone reveals or tries to point out the mistake, they try to hide it from the public by providing a relevant explanation. 

Cassian made it clear that he committed two big mistakes before he was done with this epic music album those are:- 

  1. Not being clear
  2. Not being direct 

When you are not clear and direct to the album, you will generally face issues in the music, and you will generally complicate things by overlapping and mixing it. 

What made the album the best? 

According to his interview, the most significant breakthrough moment was the time that created a masterpiece like laps. When you focus on it better, then the moment when he recognizes the massage that he wants to give is the time that made this music album the best. 

What inspires him to bring this type of epic music out? 

Well, generally, it becomes typical when you ask about the inspiration of the person different people get their inspiration from different things. And the answer that the interviewer got from Cassian is a little bit different as he said his inspiration changes each and every week. He named some of his inspiration with some of the games. 

Books can also create music! 

Books bring a significant change in people’s lives, and so has also helped cassia create better music. He simply says that when you cannot get some really beautiful chords out of your musical instruments, you should focus on the books. In the interview, he said that when you are unable to get good lyrics of music from the chords, then go and set your library so that you can get some really good music from there. 

Two points to bring the remixes out  Remixing old music is a responsible task to do, which means when you are focusing on rebuilding the old music, you will have to work on it properly, and you also need to do full justice to it. Well, here are the two things that matter to cassia when he remixes:- 

  • What he likes! 
  • What can be a standout in the DJ

As per the statement given by him in his interview, he is 90% sure about what he has to do with the remixes when he even starts it. He simply focuses on the above two points and results in doing justice to the music. 

What makes him feel regret? 

Regret is one of the major parts of the life of an artist, and each and every person on this planet always regret the things that they were almost ready to do but was unable to do due to any circumstances. According to him, he used to regret it a lot when he was not famous and gave music, which was almost hell to the people, but today he doesn’t have any regrets in his mind. 

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