5 Ways to Improve your Music Editing Skills

One of the most important factors when creating any video is the editing, in particular the music editing. People could do and film a variety of things but only the best bits and the best takes ever make it onto the finished product, if there was no editor then people would produce much worse content and sites like YouTube would be much less popular. People underestimate the importance of music in YouTube videos, music editors find the exact right songs and sounds to work well with the footage. Having a good music editor working on your videos is one great way to get views on your videos or you can get more views for your youtube videos by purchasing them online, this is ideal for those who have a small channel they want to grow. If you want to improve your videos then you need to improve your music editing skills and we’ve found some of the best tips on how to do this.

Expand what music you listen to

Most people have a favorite genre of music, favorite band, and favorite album and tend to listen to these and other bands in the same genre who create similar music. Most people have several other genres that they enjoy listening to and listen to them day in, day out. To become a good music editor you need to listen to much more music, the more music you can listen to the better. The more music you’ve heard the more this will influence you and improve your skills. So, listen to the newest songs and find some oldies you’ve never heard of and listen to them and everything you can in between.

Think about music theory

Whilst expanding what music you listen to and giving all the genres a chance is the best thing that you can do, alongside this you could also learn about basic music theory to make you more informed in the field and to help develop your skills. You don’t have to become a pro in it or properly play an instrument but a basic understanding will be beneficial and there are tonnes of great online YouTube courses that can teach you for free.

Find a team or partner

When you work in a creative job, everyone who does knows that sometimes you can hit or wall or experience a block. To help avoid this it would be great to have a team who have their own individual skills and would be able to help you overcome this wall. Or, you could find a partner because it’s likely they’ll have skills that you don’t have and vice versa, helping you to both improve.

Experiment with your sound

You might have always done something a certain way and been successful but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. When you fall into a pattern of repeating similar things then you stop developing your skills which no music editor wants to happen. To carry on improving you have to carry on learning and experimenting, so step outside your comfort zone, think outside the box and see what you can achieve.

Keep practicing

Now people may get sick of hearing the saying ‘practice makes perfect, but it is true. The only way to really master something and fully develop your skills is to keep on practicing till you can do it. It may be frustrating at times when things don’t go the way you hoped but to improve your skills the main ingredients are commitment and practice.