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Compositions are listed in approximate chronological order. Köchel catalog numbers from the first edition (K1) and the sixth (K6) are included.

K1 K6 Composition Date Place
404a Arrangements of 6 Preludes and Fugues by J.S. and W.F. Bach 1782 Vienna
405 405 Arrangements of 5 Fugues by J.S. Bach 1782 Vienna
537d Arrangement of Aria for Tenor by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach February 1788 Vienna
566 566 Arrangement of Handel's Acis und Galathea November 1788 Vienna
572 572 Arrangement of Handel's Messiah March 1789 Vienna
470a Instrumentation for a Concerto for Violin by G.B. Viotti After 1789 Vienna
591 591 Arrangement of Handel's Alexander's Feast July 1790 Vienna
592 592 Arrangement of Handel's Ode to Saint Caecelia July 1790 Vienna
625 592a Comical Duet for Soprano and Bass, "Nun, liebes Weibchen" August 1790 Vienna