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Short Sacred Works

Compositions are listed in approximate chronological order. Köchel catalog numbers from the first edition (K1) and the sixth (K6) are included.

K1 K6 Composition Date Place
20 20 Motet in G minor, "God is Our Refuge" July 1765 London
34 34 Offertory in C, "Scandi coeli limina" Early 1767 Seeon Monastery, Bavaria
47 47 Veni Sancte Spiritus in C Autumn 1768 Vienna
117 66a Offertory in C, "Benedictus sit Deus" 1769 Salzburg
141 66b Te Deum in C End of 1769 Salzburg
85 73s Miserere in A minor July-Aug. 1770 Bologna
86 73v Antiphon in D minor, "Quaerite primum regnum Dei" Oct. 9, 1770 Bologna
108 74d Regina Coeli in C May 1771 Salzburg
72 74f Offertory in G, "Inter natos mulierum" May-June 1771 Salzburg
127 127 Regina coeli in B flat May 1772 Salzburg
165 158a Motet in F for Soprano, "Exsultate, jubilate" Jan. 1773 Milan
143 73a Motet for Soprano in G, "Ergo interest" Late 1773 Salzburg
222 205a Offertory in D minor, "Misericordias Domini" Early 1775 Munich
260 248a Offertory in D, "Venite populi" Mid 1776 Salzburg
277 272a Offertory in F, "Alma Dei creatoris" 1777 Salzburg
273 273 Gradual in F, "Sancta Maria, mater Dei" Sept. 9, 1777 Salzburg
276 321b Regina Coeli in C ?1779 ?Salzburg
146 317b Aria for Soprano in B flat, "Kommet her, ihr frechen Sünder" March-April 1779? Salzburg
343 336c 2 German Hymns ?Early 1787 Prague or Vienna
618 618 Motet in D, "Ave verum Corpus" June 17, 1791 Baden