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Chronology: 1781–1785

Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January [26] Leopold and Nannerl Mozart arrive in Munich.
[29] Premiere of Idomeneo, rè di Creta (K. 366) at the Court Theatre in Munich.
  Americans defeat British at Cowpens, South Carolina.
February   Quartet in F for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello (K. 370) (Early 1781; exact date uncertain) Treaty between Austria and Russia aims at driving the Turks out of Europe.
March [7-10] Mozart visits Augsburg with his father and sister.
[12] Archibishop Colloredo orders Mozart to Vienna from Munich.
[14] Leopold and Nannerl return to Salzburg.
[16] Mozart arrives in Vienna.
[21] Rondo in E flat for Horn (fragment) (K. 371) [15] Cornwallis defeats Americans under Greene at Guilford, North Carolina.
April   [2] Rondo in C for Violin (K. 373) Sonata in G for Violin and Keyboard (K. 379)
[29] De Grasse captures Tobago. French fleet prevents Britain from seizing Cape of Good Hope.
May [1] Mozart moves to new lodgings at the home of Frau Cäcilie Weber.
[9] Mozart's final interview with the archbishop.
[10] He tenders his resignation.
  [19] Louix XVI of France dismisses Necker. Prussia joins League of Armed Neutrality.
June [8] Count Arco, chamberlain to the archbishop, dismisses Mozart with a kick. 12 Variations in G on "La Bergere Celimene" (K. 359) 6 Variations in G on "Helas, j'ai perdu" (K. 360)
July [30] Mozart receives the libretto of Die Entführung aus dem Serail (K. 384) from Gottlieb Stephanie Jr.   Spain captures Pensacola, Florida, from the British.
August     [30] De Grasse occupies Chesapeake Bay.
September [5] Mozart moves to a new room, in the Graben in Vienna's Inner City. Sonata in D for Two Keyboards (K. 448) [8] Cornwallis defeats Greene at Eutaw in North Carolina.
[30] Washington and La Fayette trap Cornwallis in Yorktown, Virginia.
October   Serenade in E flat for Winds (K. 375) [13] Joseph II grants patent of religious tolerance and freedom of the press in Austrian Empire.
[19] Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown.
November     [13] British capture Dutch settlement at Negapatam, Madras.
[26] British capture St. Eustacius from Holland.
[26] Joseph II abolishes serfdom in Austria.
[28] Joseph II makes monastic orders independent of Rome.
December [24] Mozart competes against Muzio Clementi in a pianoforte contest before Joseph II.    
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January     [1] Johann Christian Bach dies in London.
[11] Dutch surrender Trincomalee, Ceylon, to the British.
February     [5] Spain captures Minorca from Britain.
[13] French capture St. Christopher.
March [3] Mozart gives his first Lenten Concert in Vienna, probably at the Burgtheater. Rondo in D for Piano (K. 382) Pope Pius VI visits Vienna.
April     [12] George Rodney defeats de Grasse at the battle of The Saints.
[22] Pietro Metastasio dies in Vienna.
Joseph II abrogates Barrier Treaty of 1715 and requires Dutch to abandon garrisons in Austrian Netherlands.
Gratton makes Irish Declaration of Rights.
May   Die Entführung aus dem Serail (K. 384) [9] Thomas Grenville is sent to Paris to negotiate with Count de Vergennes and Benjamin Franklin.
[17] Ireland Act of 1720 is repealed, granting Ireland legislative independence.
June [3] First rehearsal of Die Entführung aus dem Serail (K. 384).   Spain completes conquest of Florida.
July [16] First performance of Die Entführung aus dem Serail (K. 384), at the Burgtheater. During Mozart's lifetime this work was his greatest stage success outside Vienna.
[23] Mozart moves from the Graven to a house on the Hohe Brücke.
Serenade in C minor for Winds (K. 388) Symphony in D, "Haffner" (K. 385)
[6] Naval battle of Cuddalore, off Madras, between Britain and France. Portugal joins League of Armed Neutrality.
August [4] Mozart marries Constanze Weber at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.    
October   Concerto for Piano in A (K. 414), first Vienna piano concerto (second half of 1782; exact date uncertain)
[19] Rondo for Piano in A (K. 386)
Howe relieves Gibralter.
November   Quintet for Horn and Strings in E flat (K. 407) (End of 1782; exact date uncertain) [30] Peace preliminaries are accepted by Britain and the United States.
December Mozart and Constanze move to a new apartment, also on the Hohe Brüke. [31] Quartet in G for Strings (K. 387)  
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
February The Mozarts move to temporary quarters on the Kohlmarkt in the Inner City.   [14 and 20] British and American proclamations for cessation of arms.
March [23] Mozart presents a "grand concert" at the Burgtheater; Joseph II attends.    
April [24] The Mozarts move to the Judenplatz in the Inner City.    
May   [27] Concerto in E flat for Horn (K. 417) Missa in C minor (K. 427) (incomplete)
[7] William Pitt proposes Parliamentary Reform.
June [17] Raimund Leopold, the Mozarts' first child, is born. Quartet in D minor for Strings (K. 421) Joseph II enforces the German language in Bohemia and supresses the Diet.
July Mozart and Constanze travel to Salzburg to visit Leopold and Nannerl. Quartet in E flat for Strings (K. 428) [17] Benasçon Parlement demands the calling of the French States-General. Russia annexes Kuban.
August [19] Mozart's son Raimund Leopold dies in Vienna.    
September     [3] Peace of Versailles is signed between Britain, France, Spain and the United States.
October [26] Mozart's Missa in C minor (K. 427) is performed in Salzburg.
[27] Mozart and Constanze depart Salzburg, stopping for three weeks at Linz on their return trip to Vienna.
Symphony in C, "Linz" (K. 425) Joseph II delivers Summary of Claims, concerning the navigation of the Scheldt, to States General of Holland. Russia enforces sovereignty over Georgia.
November     [10] Charles Calonne is appointed French controller-general.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January The Mozarts move to the Trattnerhof in the Inner City. Serenade in B flat for Winds, "Gran Partita" (K. 361) (Late 1783 or early 1784; exact date uncertain) Turkey acquiesces in Russia's annexation of the Crimea and Kuban.
February [9] Mozart begins his thematic catalogue. [9] Concerto in E flat for Piano, "First Ployer" (K. 449)  
March   [15] Concerto in B flat for Piano (K. 450)
[22] Concerto in D for Piano (K. 451)
[30] Quintet in E flat for Piano and Winds (K. 452)
April   [12] Concerto in G for Piano, "Second Ployer" (K. 453)
[21] Sonata in B flat for Keyboard and Violin, "Strinasacchi" (K. 454)
[23] Thomas Jefferson's land ordinance passed.
May [27] Mozart purchases a pet starling for 34 kreuzer.   Andreas Bernstorff abolishes serfdom and begins reforms in Denmark.
June     Britain reduces duties on tea and spirits.
July     [4] Following revolution in Transylvania, Joseph II abrogates the constitution, suppresses federal courts and removes the Crown of Hungary to Vienna.
August [23] Mozart's sister, Maria Anna ("Nannerl"), marries Johann Baptist von Berchtold zu Sonnenburg, prefect at St. Gilgen.    
September [21] Mozart's second child, Karl Thomas, is born.
[29] The Mozarts move to the Grosse Schulerstrasse in the Inner City.
[9] Quartet in B flat for Strings, "Hunt" (K. 458)
[30] Concerto in B flat for Piano, "Paradis" (K. 456)
October   [14] Sonata in C minor for Keyboard Joseph II breaks off diplomatic relations with Holland when two Austrian vessels are fired on by the Dutch. Louis XVI offers to mediate the crisis.
December [14] Mozart is initiated into the "Zur Wohlthätigkeit (Beneficence)" Masonic lodge in Vienna. [11] Concerto in F for Piano, "First Coronation" (K. 459)  
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January [15] Mozart and his friends play three of the six quartets later dedicated to Haydn, who is present.
[28] Leopold Mozart travels from Salzburg to Munich.
[10] Quartet in A for Strings (K. 464)
[14] Quartet in C for Strings, "Dissonant" (K. 465)
Joseph II begins unsuccessful attempt to exchange Bavaria for the Austrian Netherlands.
February [7] Leopold departs Munich for Vienna.
[11] Mozart petitions the Society of Musicians for membership. Leopold arrives in Vienna.
[12] Haydn again visits Mozart, and again hears the three string quartets.
[10] Concerto in D minor for Piano (K. 466)  
March   [9] Concerto in C for Piano (K. 467) Davidde penitente (K. 469)
April [1] Leopold is initiated into Mozart's Masonic lodge.
[25] Leopold departs Vienna for Salzburg.
  [18] William Pitt's motion for Parliamentary reform is defeated.
May   [20] Fantasia for Piano in C minor (K. 475)  
July [27] Nannerl's son Leopold is born at her father's home in Salzburg. The child will remain in Leopold's care for the next two years.   [23] Frederick II forms Die Fürstenbund (League of German Princes) to oppose Joseph II's plan to exchange Bavaria and the Netherlands.
August   [1] Sonata in F for Keyboard Four-Hands (K. 497) [15] Cardinal de Rohan is arrested in connection with the "Diamond Necklace Affair," which discredits Marie Antoinette.
September [1] Mozart dedicates his six string quartets to Haydn.   [10] Prussia signs commercial treaty with United States.
October   [16] Quartet in G minor for Piano and Strings (K. 478)  
November   Maurerische Trauermusik (K. 477) [8] By the Treaty of Fontainebleau, Holland recognizes Joseph II's sovereignty over part of the River Scheldt.
[10] Alliance formed between France and Holland.
December   [12] Sonata in E flat for Keyboard and Violin (K. 481)
[16] Concerto in E flat for Piano (K. 482)