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Chronology: 1766-1770

Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January [29] First public performance of one of his symphonies (K. 22), at Amsterdam.    
February     [23] On death of Stanislaus Leszczynski, the duchy of Lorraine, then under his rule, is incorportated into France.
March [7-12] William V, Prince of Orange, is installed. At the ceremonies, compositions by Mozart are performed. Sonatas for Keyboard and Violin (K. 26-31), published as "Opus 4" by Leopold at The Hague
Gallimathias Musicum (K. 32)
[11] British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act.
[18] British Parliament passes the Declaratory Act, declaring Britain's right to tax the American colonies.
April The Mozarts visit Utrecht and Antwerp, where they perform.    
May [8] The Mozarts arrive in Brussels.
[10] They return to Paris.
[28] They again visit Versailles, where they remain until June 1.
June   [12] Kyrie in F (K. 33) Count Aranda becomes chief minister in Spain and introduces secular education.
July [12] The Mozarts arrive at Dijon, where they visit the Prince de Condé.
[26] They arrive at Lyons, where they remain for four weeks.
August [20] The Mozarts arrive at Geneva.    
September They tour Switzerland: Lausanne, Berne and Zürich.    
October [17] The Mozarts are welcomed by Prince Joseph Wenzeslaus von Fürstenberg at Donaueschingen.    
November The Mozarts spend most of this month at Munich, where the children again perform for Elector Maximilian III Joseph.
[12-21] Mozart falls ill with rheumatism.
[29] They return to Salzburg, after an absence of three and a half years.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
February     [29] Reduction of land tax in Britain.
March [12] Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots is performed at the palace in Salzburg. Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots (K. 35) [1] Charles III expels the Jesuits from Spain.
April   Grabmusik (K. 42)
Concerto in F for Piano (K. 37), first piano concerto
Russo-Prussian alliance is revised; Frederick II promises to enter Poland if Austria should invade it and to support Russia in the event of a war with Turkey.
May [12] Apollo et Hyacinthus (K. 38) is performed at the University in Salzburg. Apollo et Hyacinthus (K. 38) Britain introduces taxes on imports of tea, glass, paper and dyestuffs in American colonies to provide revenue for colonial administration.
June   Concerto in B flat for Piano (K. 39) New York Assembly is suspended for refusing to support the quartering of troops.
July   Concerto in D for Piano (K. 40)
Concerto in G for Piano (K. 41)
August     Burmese invade Siam.
September [11] Leopold sets out on yet another trip with his family to Vienna, where he hopes to further the careers of his children.   At a public meeting in Boston a non-importation agreement is framed in protest of the new taxes.
October [23] Smallpox is raging in Vienna; the family departs for Brno (Brünn).
[26] In Olomouc (Olmütz), Mozart falls ill with smallpox.
November [10] Mozart recovers from smallpox.    
December [24] The family returns to Brno from Olomouc. Symphony in F (K. 43), first four-movement symphony  
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January [10] Mozart and his family return to Vienna from Brno.
[19] They are received by Maria Theresa and her son Joseph II, the new emperor. Leopold obtains a verbal commission from him for an opera buffa.
[16] Symphony in D (K. 45) [20] A secretary of state for the colonies is appointed in Britain.
March [24] Mozart and his sister perform for the Russian Ambassador to Vienna, Dmitri, Prince Galitsin.   [28] John Wilkes is elected to Parliament.
April Mozart begins work on La finta semplice (K. 51).    
July Mozart finishes La finta semplice (K. 51), but no performance is forthcoming; Leopold blames Vienna's composers. La finta semplice (K. 51), first opera buffa Massachusetts Assembly is dissolved for refusing to assist collection of taxes.
France purchases Corsica from Genoa.
August     Civil war breaks out in Poland.
September [21] Leopold formally complains to the Emperor about the nonperformance of La finta semplice (K. 51).
Bastien und Bastienne (K. 50) is performed at the residence of Dr. Anton Mesmer.
Bastien und Bastienne (K. 50), first Singspiel
Sonata in C for Violin (K. 46d)
Sonata in F for Violin (K. 46e)
Veni Sancte Spiritus in C (K. 47) (autumn 1768; exact date unknown)
Boston citizens refuse to quarter British troops.
October   Missa solemnis in C minor, "Waisenhausmesse" (K. 139)
Missa brevis in G (K. 49)
Turkey declares war on Russia.
December [7] Several works by Mozart, including the "Waisenhaus," (K. 139) are performed at the dedication of a new orphanage in Vienna.
The Mozart family departs Vienna for Salzburg.
[13] Symphony in D (K. 48) Joseph II of Austria considers the partitioning of Poland.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January [5] Return to Salzburg from Vienna. Missa brevis in D minor (K. 65) John Wilkes is elected alderman of London.
The Bourbons demand the dissolution of the Jesuits.
February     [2] Pope Clement XIII dies.
[4] John Wilkes is expelled from Parliament.
Austria occupies Lemberg and the Zips region of Poland.
April     [22] Mme. du Barry becomes official mistress of Louis XV.
May [1] La finta semplice (K. 51) is performed at the Salzburg court.   [1] Privy Council decides to retain the tea duty in the American colonies.
[19] After a three-month struggle between pro- and anti-Jesuit factions in the College of Cardinals, the latter's candidate is elected Pope Clement XIV.
July     The Virginia Assembly is dissolved after protesting the removal of colonial treason trials to Westminster.
August     France expels Pasquale Paoli, the Corsican patriot, from the island.
Joseph II and Frederick II discuss the partition of Poland.
September     Russia occupies Moldavia.
October [15] "Dominicus" Mass (K. 66) is performed at St. Peter's in Salzburg; it is the first Mass celebrated by Cajetan Hagenauer, a longtime friend of Mozart's. Missa in C, "Dominicus" (K. 66) Prusso-Russian alliance is renewed until 1780.
November [14] Mozart is appointed unpaid concertmaster of the Salzburg court orchestra.   Russia occupies Bucharest.
December [13] Mozart and his father depart Salzburg for a tour of Italy.
[27] They arrive at Verona.
  Russia signs treaty with Denmark to prevent the overthrow of the Swedish constitution.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January [5] Mozart gives his first concert in Italy, at the Accademia filarmonica of Verona.
[16] He performs at the Teatro scientifico in Mantua.
[23] They arrive in Milan.
  [28] Lord North becomes British prime minister.
February [7] Mozart performs for Count Karl Joseph Firmian, Governor-General of Lombardy, who presents the young composer with a complete edition of Metastasio's works.    
March [12] Four soprano arias by Mozart, to words by Metastasio (K. 77, 78, 79 and 88), are performed at Count Firmian's.
[30] The Mozarts arrive in Florence.
[15] Quartet in G for Strings (K. 80), first string quartet [3] The Boston Massacre.
April [1] Mozart and his father are received by Grand Duke Leopold of Tuscany.
[11] In Rome, Mozart hears Allegri's Miserere at the Sistine Chapel and writes it out from memory.
[15] On Easter Sunday, they are received by Pope Clement XIV.
Symphony in G (K. 74) British Parliament repeals duties on paper, glass and dyestuffs in American colonies, but retains tea duty.
May [18] In Naples, Mozart and his father are received by British Ambassador William Hamilton. Kyrie in G (K. 89) [16] Dauphin of France marries Marie Antoinette, daughter of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.
June After touring Vesuvius, Pompeii and Herculaneum, Mozart and his father return to Rome.    
July [8] They are received again by Pople Clement XIV, who bestows upon Mozart the cross of the Order of the Golden Spur.
[20] They return to Bologna.
Miserere in A minor (K. 85) [5-6] Russian fleet defeats Turkish navy at Tchesme.
August     Duc de Choiseul, French minister of foreign affairs, prevents war between Spain and Britain over the Falkland Islands.
September     Joseph II of Austria and Frederick II of Prussia meet at Neustadt to discuss plans for halting Russian expansion.
October [9] Mozart passes the examination for admittance to the Accademia filarmonica of Bologna.
[18] Mozart and his father return to Milan.
[9] Antiphon in D minor, "Quaerite primum regnum Dei" (K. 86)  
December [26] First performance, at the Teatro Regio Ducal, of Mitridate, re di Ponto. Twenty-two consecutive performances follow. Mitridate, re di Ponto (K. 87) [13] J.F. Struensee comes to power in Denmark; begins reforms including freedom of worship and of the press.
[17] Beethoven is born at Bonn.