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Chronology: 1756–1760

Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January [27] Mozart is born at Salzburg.   [16] Treaty of Westminster between Britain and Prussia guarantees neutrality of Hanover.
February     England demands a contingent of 6,000 troops from Holland.
April     Russia proposes to Austria the partition of Prussia.
May     [1] Alliance of Versailles between France and Austria; each promises mutual assistance if the other is attacked by Prussia.
[17] Britain declares war on France.
[28] France captures Minorca.
June     [20] Massacre of the Black Hole of Calcutta; 120 British soldiers are imprisoned and die.
July Leopold Mozart publishes his Violinschule.    
August     [14] Marquis Louis-Joseph de Montcalm, French commander, takes Oswego and drives British from the Great Lakes.
[29] Frederick II invades Saxony; outbreak of the Seven Years' War.
October     [1] Frederick II fights indecisive engagement against Austrians at Lobositz, in Bohemia.
[15] Saxon army capitulates to Prussia at Pirna.
[16] British send force against Nawab of Bengal in Calcutta.
December     [31] Russia accedes to the Alliance of Versailles.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January     [2] British retake Calcutta.
[5] J.F. Damiens attempts to assassinate Louis XV; Damiens later is executed.
[17] The Empire declares war on Prussia.
February     Russia and the Empire become allies.
March     [14] Admiral Byng is shot for neglect of duty over loss of Minorca.
May     [1] France and the Empire sign the Second Treaty of Versailles, by which Prussia is to be partitioned.
[6] Frederick II defeats Charles of Lorraine at Prague.
June     [18] Empire troops defeat Frederick II at Kollin.
July     [26] French defeat British at Hastenbeck.
August     [9] Montcalm takes Fort William Henry from the British.
[30] Russia defeats Prussia at Gross Jägersdorf.
September     [8] British army capitulates to French at Kloster Seven; Duke of Cumberland surrenders Hanover and Brunswick.
November     [5] Frederick II defeats French and Imperial troops at Rossbach.
[22] Charles of Lorraine defeats Prussian army at Breslau.
December     [5] Frederick II defeats Imperial troops at Leuthen.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January     Russians capture East Prussia.
April     [11] By the London Convention, Britain agrees to subsidize Prussia and to maintain an army in Germany.
May     [3] Pope Benedict XIV dies; he is succeeded by Clement XIII.
[8] Frederick II invests Olmütz.
June     [23] French are defeated at Crefeld by Ferdinand of Brunswick.
[30] Prussian siege of Olmütz abandoned.
July     [8] Montcalm captures Fort Ticonderoga.
[26] British take Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island.
August     [25] Frederick II fights Russian troops to a draw at Zorndorf.
September     [3] Revolution in Portugal, led by Marquis of Tavora and his wife, fails.
October     [5] Austrians begin siege of Neisse.
[14] Austria defeats Prussia at Hochkirch.
November     [25] John Forbes and George Washington capture Fort Duquesne, later renamed Pittsburgh.
British conquer French Senegal.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
January     [13] Marquis of Tavora and his wife are executed in Portugal.
April     [13] French victory at Bergen.
[14] George Frideric Handel dies.
July     [23] Russia defeats Prussia at Kay.
August     [1] French are defeated at Minden by Ferdinand of Brunswick.
[10] Ferdinand VI of Spain dies and is succeeded by Charles III.
[12] Russian and Austrian troops defeat Frederick II at Kunersdorf.
[17] Boscawen defeats French off Cape St. Vincent.
September     [3] Expulsion of the Jesuits begins in Portugal.
[18] British capture Quebec; Montcalm and James Wolfe are killed.
November     [20] Hawke defeats French at Quiberon Bay.
[21] Prussian army capitulates at Maxen.
December     Protestants in Dublin riot and sack the Parliament House.
Month Mozart's Life Compositions World Events
April     [1] Treaty between Austria and Russia, to continue war against Prussia.
June     [23] Prussian army suffers crushing defeat at Landshut.
July     [26] Austrian general Baron Gideon Ernst von Lauden captures the fortress of Glatz from the Prussians.
August     [15] Frederick II defeats Austrians at Leignitz.
September     [8] British take Montreal.
October     [9-13] Russians occupy and burn Berlin.
[25] George II dies; he is succeeded by his grandson George III.
November     [3] Frederick II defeats Austrians at Torgau.